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Buy 20 Litres Isocyanic Acid A-B Online | Isocyanic Acid A-B -interphamachem.com
  • Buy 20 Litres Isocyanic Acid A-B Online | Isocyanic Acid A-B -interphamachem.com
  • Buy 20 Litres Isocyanic Acid A-B Online | Isocyanic Acid A-B -interphamachem.com

Buy 20 Litres Isocyanic Acid A-B Online | Isocyanic Acid A-B -interphamachem.com

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Buy Isocyanic Acid A-B Online | Isocyanic Acid A-B

Chemical name: Isocyanic acid A – B

Type: Acid ISOCIAN

Density: 1450 g/l.

Chemical formula: HN = C = O

Rational Formula: CHNO

CAS Registration Number: 75-13-8

PubChem: 6347

EINECS Registration Number: 616-189-3

It is an isomer of fulmi…noic) acid (H-C≡N → O).


Buy Isocyanic Acid A-B Online | Isocyanic Acid A-B

Isocyanic acid is a chemical compound with the structural formula HNCO, which is often written as H–N=C=O. It is a colourless substance, volatile and poisonous, with a boiling point of 23.5 °C. It is the predominant tautomer of cyanic acid H–O–C≡N.

The derived anion of isocyanic acid is the same as the derived anion of cyanic acid, and that anion is [N=C=O]−

, which is called cyanate. The related functional group –N=C=O is isocyanate; it is distinct from cyanate –O–C≡N, fulminate –O–N+


, and nitrile oxide –C≡N+

Isocyanic acid was discovered in 1830 by Justus von Liebig and Friedrich Wöhler. 

Isocyanic acid is the simplest stable chemical compound that contains carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, the four most commonly found elements in organic chemistry and biology. It is the only fairly stable one of the four linear isomers with molecular formula HOCN that have been synthesized, the others being cyanic acid (cyanol) H–O–C≡N and the elusive fulminic acid H–C≡N+


[6] and isofulminic acid H–O–N+



Although the electronic structure according to valence bond theory can be written as H−N=C=O, the vibrational spectrum has a band at 2268.8 cm−1 in the gas phase, which clearly indicates a carbon–nitrogen triple bond.Thus the canonical form H−N+

≡C−O− is the major resonance structure.



The pure compound has a melting point of −86.8 °C and a boiling point of 23.5 °C, so it is volatile at ambient temperatures. 


In aqueous solution it is a weak acid, having a pKa of 3.7 HNCO ⇌ H+ + NCO−


Isocyanic acid hydrolyses to carbon dioxide and ammonia: HNCO + H2O → CO2 + NH3


At sufficiently high concentrations, isocyanic acid oligomerizes to give the trimer cyanuric acid and cyamelide, a polymer. These species usually are easily separated from liquid- or gas-phase reaction products. Cyanuric acid itself decomposes on further heating back to isocyanic acid.

Stability in solution:

Dilute solutions of isocyanic acid are stable in inert solvents, e.g. ether and chlorinated hydrocarbons. 


Isocyanic acid reacts with amines to give ureas (carbamides):


This reaction is called carbamylation.

HNCO adds across electron-rich double bonds, such as vinylethers, to give the corresponding isocyanates.

Isocyanic acid, HNCO, is a Lewis acid whose free energy, enthalpy and entropy changes for its 1:1 association with a number of bases in carbon tetrachloride solution at 25°C have been reported.[14] The acceptor properties of HNCO are compared with other Lewis acid in the ECW model.


The tautomer, known as cyanic acid, HOCN, in which the oxygen atom is protonated, is unstable to decomposition, but in solution it is present in equilibrium with isocyanic acid to the extent of about 3%. The vibrational spectrum is indicative of the presence of a triple bond between the nitrogen and carbon atoms. 

Low-temperature photolysis of solids containing HNCO creates the tautomer cyanic acid H-O-C≡N, also called hydrogen cyanate. Pure cyanic acid has not been isolated, and isocyanic acid is the predominant form in all solvents.[13] Sometimes information presented for cyanic acid in reference books is actually for isocyanic acid. 


Isocyanic acid can be made by protonation of the cyanate anion, such as from salts like potassium cyanate, by either gaseous hydrogen chloride or acids such as oxalic acid. 

H+ + NCO− → HNCO

HNCO also can be made by the high-temperature thermal decomposition of the trimer cyanuric acid:

C3H3N3O3 → 3 HNCO

In the reverse of the famous synthesis of urea by Friedrich Wöhler,

CO(NH2)2 → HNCO + NH3

isocyanic acid is produced and rapidly trimerizes to cyanuric acid.


Isocyanic acid has been detected in many kinds of interstellar environments. 

Isocyanic acid is also present in various forms of smoke, including smog and cigarette smoke. It was detected using mass spectrometry, and easily dissolves in water, posing a health risk to the lungs. 

Isocyanic acid A-B Caluanie is a colorless, odorless, and volatile chemical compound that contains oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon. It is obtained by thermal decomposition of cyanuric acid and reacts with carboxylic acid chlorides to form the corresponding isocyanates.

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The isocyanates produced from the acid belong to a family of highly reactive chemicals.

They are widely utilized to manufacture elastomers, varnishes, paints, fibers, and rigid foams.

It is also being increasingly used for building insulation materials, autobody repair, and other uses in the automobile industry.

Spray-on products containing isocyanate acid have been developed for a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, and retail uses to protect aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood, and cement, including protective coating for decks, foundations, boats, trailers, and truck beds.

Given the low cost of isocyanic acid, it is used in the large-scale production of diisocyanates, including hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI), toluene diisocyanate (TDI), and phenyl isocyanate.

Some common applications include:

Production of polyurethanes for packaging applications, carpet underlay, and bedding

Manufacture of elastomers, adhesives, and sealants

MDI is utilized for the production of rigid foams that can be used for refrigerator and home insulation. It can also be used to bind together vastly different materials such as glass, cardboard, rubber, and wood.


The weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability of this material make it ideal for surface coating.

Compounds like thermoplastic polyurethane are widely used for various applications, including artificial leather, ski boots, and wheel.

Many industrial paints are used for painting structural steelwork and large commercial vehicles use isocyanates as a hardener.

MDI is a component in the production of low porosity and high-quality resin flooring that is common in food factories.

As a word of caution, thorough risk analysis and implementation should be conducted before working with this chemical.

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